created by Marco Alemar

BIGHATBOY was created in black and white and initially concepted for comics.
But the animation series is not black and white.
At this page we have some previews of the series where I show a hypothetical
situation when the BIGHATBOY finds the Lord of the Hats
for a combat. The environment and illumination are colored. However,
the force of the artistic concept is not lost, and the integration with
the remaining portion of the product is kept.
I obtain this way an innovative appearance that is a perfectly match with a
pure Rock'roll, electronic and young music background.

There are a lot of friends that the BIGHATBOY
will make during his journey to find the wisdom
of the Big Hat and the characters will travel
for different civilizations, and will find communities with their own customs, and mainly,
their own hats that identify them...
This brings from fiction to reality of the teens
who tend to organize inside tribes
with their own values...
this will be fun...