created by Marco Alemar


has a strong design for comics.
Everything was conceived in
black and white and the narrative of
history is inspired in Japanese manga
without losing the originality and identity.
The few and great pictures for page,
the exaggeratedexpressions,
the lack of color and the angular trace
of the characters give
to the work a strong expressionism link
and this looks even better
printed in cheap and "dirty" paper
of periodicals.
The counterpoint of this rustic side is
that the materialis ready to be
explored with new medias
like cellular phones and internet,
mixing comics with
3D scenesinside of digital magazines,
creating interactivity with the reader.
You will be surprised after making the
download of the PDF file and find that
in one of the pictures you can interact
inside of a character room or see a
sequence of animated pictures also.
This is already viable today using the
internet and cellular phones.
It is a new world that opens
and it must be explored...

BIGHATBOY COMIC3D Download Pdf 3D here!

Last Adobe Acrobat Reader required.