created by Marco Alemar ___
In a world were all people uses hats , a teenage find a magic hat.
The big hat , that will give him powers to create what he want from sheets of paper.
He will travel the world and find tribes and civilizations that are marked for the
type of hat they use, like cowboys , indians , soldiers , clowns , etc...
searching for the knowledge that
the BigHat will teach to him, and also trying to unshrink his friend, that was
transformed on a paper airplane by the lord of the hats.
His big enemy The lord of the hats wants at any cost the power of the big hat to amplify
his powers to manipulate paper.
The lord can create monsters and weapons from a simple
piece of papers to dominate the world.
This concept was created for a 3d game, a TV serie and an Comic Book,
all the characters are black and white, but you can see colored films,
for series of TV, at this page.
The coolest thing behind this property is that all characters,
weapons , vehicles , etc.. could be created from paper...
at this page there is an example for you to see.
We are already negotiating with a big manga publishing company
and the ideia is to release the paper models of the characters on each edition.
A toy ...

Here a part of an script.


There is a world where everybody wear hats.
One day, a child named David, went to an old and dusty small hat store, to buy his hat,
because it was his time of wearing a hat.
David wasn´t expectecting much, he just wanted a simple hat.

When he arrived at the store he saw the hat seller, an old man, who was wearing a pierrot hat,
he was working making some hats.

The store was full of shelves full of hats of all kinds.
David starts moving around looking for a hat who will call his atention...
He saw a big hat at the corner of the store and asked the old man "Does this hat have an owner?
He seems so old" the old man starts laughing

"Maybe this is the Great Hat, the hat that everybody wants, who gives the owner great powers."

"Hahahahahaha but this old hat isn´t the Great Hat, you fool ! No one wants that old hat !"

David was trying a simple hat when he realizes that the big hat was moving,
David went closer to the hat to see how
what it moving when the hat suddenly flyed and went straight to David´s head.

A great light takes place at the store. The big hat now was shining,
and releasing lots of things from his top part.
He threw some objects, and one of the objects was a Missile Plataform.
The missile get armed but them went back inside the hat.

An evil man was seeing everything that was happening at the store.
A man with a huge cape and a chinese hat,
that had a lot of skills on the edges, each of them wearing a different hat.

"The Great Hat ! I finally found it ! It is going to be MINE!!"

Back to the store, the light of the hat is wearing off, the hat stops moving over David´s head.
A huge spiral had been draw over the top of the hat.

The old man, owner of the store, is starred.

Even when David tried to take the hat off it didn´t move,
David couldn´t take it off his had. "How is it possible? How do I take it off?"
"You can´t" said the old man "It is the Great Hat, he choose you, like the legend said.
The one who carries the Great Hat will start the The Mission..."

"You must find the Magic Hat Maker, he will tell you how to use this hat ! But be aware boy,
there is a lot of gangs on this world that want that hat of yours.
You will face a lot of dangers on your journey."

"The Lord of the Hats will be your greatest enemy. He steal the hats
of people and take control of their souls.
A evil creature that can creat monster from a simple piece of paper. He is searching
for the Great Hat for a long time,
because with its power he will be able to control everything."

"I will take it, and i am going to find the Magic Hat Maker,
he will tell me how to use these hat."

The boy left the store.

The owner of the hat store whispers to the boy,
"From now on you will be know as Big Hat Boy, your fame will spread to all the corners of the world."

Big Hat Boy disapear on the numb...

created by Marco Alemar