created by Marco Alemar ___

Format: 28 x 25’
Genre: all ages
Resolution: High Definition
( HDTV), Standard Definition
and Web Medias

In a world where all people use hats, a teenage finds a magic hat, the Big Hat,
that will give him magic power to create from sheets of paper everything he wants.
He will travel the world and find tribes and civilizations that are marked for the
type of hat they use. Like cowboys, indians, soldiers, clowns, etc...
Searching for the knowledge taught by the BigHat and also trying to unshrink his friend,
that was transformed into a paper airplane by the Lord of the Hats. His big enemy,
the Lord of the Hats, wants at any cost the power of the Big Hat to amplify
his powers to manipulate paper.
Be careful, Boy: the Lord is able to create monsters and weapons from
a simple piece of paper to dominate the world.